Business Intelligence & Analytics


Business Intelligence (BI) technologies streamline and enhance the collection, consolidation, exploration, and reporting of information from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, Excel spreadsheets, legacy databases, data warehouses, ERP systems, operational systems and real-time operational data. If the data points exist, BI can help you gather, prioritize, and view them in a useful way. Users can retrieve, combine, and explore data to uncover and decipher patterns, trends, relationships, and anomalies.

Using BI solutions, Lynx helps organizations tap into enterprise data, then slice and dice it, so that you can make quicker, better, more informed business decisions with a complete picture of information. We help harness the power of technology so that you can organize and display raw data in aesthetic and easy-to-use visual formats.

Lynx BI solutions help organizations eliminate the cumbersome work associated with manual reporting, thus avoiding the "multiple versions of truth" that can occur when spreadsheets are the primary method used to address reporting requirements. Our solutions enable stakeholders of all types, from analysts, to power users, to the Executive team; and offer easy to consume visual insights to provide an intuitive, convenient, and simple way to access and review critical information.


Analytics is Only the First Step